Kiosk & Canteen Kitchens: Dogs, Snags & Pies

kiosk & canteen kitchensFood is an important part of the spectator experience in Australia’s sporting ovals. However, the foods in these places are usually the high carbohydrate, high fat type of food that you can find in fast food chains. In a traditional Australian kiosk & canteen kitchens, dogs, snags & pies are the usual food served. As a matter of fact, it is customary in the Down Under to bring or eat meat pie while watching a sports event.

According to recent data, Australia falls behind other countries when it comes to the kind of food and beverage that kiosk & canteen kitchens serve in stadiums and sporting ovals. The Australian onlookers are starting to get dismayed with the limited variety they can buy in these kiosk & canteen kitchens. That said, it was reported that the Melbourne Cricket Ground sold over 300,000 pies during a sports match in 2013. Other carbohydrates-rich food, such as pizza, burger and doughnuts, were also adequate during the event.

Kiosk & Canteen Kitchens: Dogs, Snags & Pies

Industry experts believe that transforming the public’s food experience in sporting events lies at the kiosk & canteen kitchens. If these food outlets only have a deep fryer and grill in their kitchen facility, one should expect that the snacks they sell are fatty foods. In a sporting oval in Perth kitchen renovations of kiosk & canteen kitchens are underway to better serve the onlookers with an assortment of snack foods.

Aside from the variety of nibbles and refreshments, the prices of these foods are also disenchanting the Australian spectators. For instance, WA Today reported that Perth footy fans are overpaying for dogs, snags & pies, compared with their interstate counterparts. As per the report, Domain Stadium, formerly known as Subiaco Oval, has hamburgers that sell at $8.50, hot dogs at $6, hot chips at $5.60, and bottled water at $4.70. Having said that, the WA Football Commission said that prices of traditional food items in Domain Stadium are significantly lower than the industry average.

Late last year, Adelaide Oval’s Stadium Management Authority announced that they are cutting down the prices of the food and beverage served at kiosk & canteen kitchens. This is partly in response to accusations that the management is cheating sports spectators with their “unreasonable” food and drink prices. According to ABC, this move is an effort to maintain the status of the sports oval as the cheapest sports venue in the country.

Enticing Top Line Players to Your Team

Football presents a lot of benefits, both to the players and the spectators. Those who play football lessens their likelihood from having heart diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis. On the other hand, football enthusiasts get entertainment value from watching their favourite team compete in the Australian Football League.

A lot of us may have dreamt of becoming a football star. Aside from the stardom, AFL footballers bring in an average of $225,000. Great rewards and perks await to footy players who are always in their A-game. In fact, you can use these rewards in enticing top line players to your team.

Enticing Top Line Players to Your Team

According to The Telegraph, some football clubs in the United Kingdom are under investigation for doling out ‘secret perks’ to players and their families. Some of these include weekend getaways, posh hotel accommodations, and even free sessions at big city brothels. As per the investigators, since these footy stars are already multimillionaires, the gifts they received or have been receiving do not come cheap. Imagine booking high-end escorts without even considering the rates & services.

In life, you will be recompensed with great things if you worked really hard for it. In the AFL for instance, players and coaches are remunerated well so that they will be motivated to do their job. Such kind of reward/compensation scheme is also used in enticing top line players to your team.

Just recently, Fox did a news feature about the perks of being an AFL footballer, as described by North Melbourne defender Nathan Grima. The top five amazing perks he listed out are the holidays, catering, health insurance, free stuff (lots of them) and of course, drink cards. According to Grima, footy players get to enjoy at least six weeks of holiday for them to relax, unwind, and reconnect with their loved ones.

Footballers are also well taken care of in terms of their food. In fact, the North Melbourne team has its own chef who cooks meals for the team. Health is wealth, especially for athletes. That’s why AFL footballers have some serious health insurance coverage. This includes routine physiotherapist, doctor checkup and massage therapy.

Apparently, you need not to be a big football player to enjoy lots of free stuff. Aside from complimentary products and free gym membership, they are given with apparels and sports equipment, which are mainly from their sponsors. Popular footy players even get to have their own car and accommodations.

These kinds of perks are enticing top line players to your team, and into other teams as well.

How Worth-Investing Are Team Bonding Pursuits Really?

There is no “I” in team. This saying means that each and every member plays an important role in helping accomplish task or achieve their goal. For that matter, it is important to take into consideration the needs and preference of each and every one of the members of the team. People are able to do this by spending a great deal of time with their colleagues getting to know them better in the process. Team bonding activities can be done outside the workplace. Let us look at several team bonding activities like trips away together, eating together, & other shared social activities & the importance of these for success as a sporting team.

How Worth-Investing Are Team Bonding Pursuits Really?

Companies today will not be finding any shortage of team bonding activities they can pursue with their employees. Team bonding however, should not be something the higher ups have full control of. One of the advice on how to prepare for team building is to involve your them in the selection process. This can be done by doing research on a number of programs companies feel the team would gain the most from. After narrowing down the list, have your employees participate through voting. Employees are more likely to get excited about the output when they are involved with the input.

Sports team get great benefits from team building pursuits. For instance, team bonding has helped accelerate process for this ASEAN basketball team. The Westports Malaysia Dragons after a tough loss last November 25 is in the early stages of rebuilding the team. The Dragons made it a point to take the extra step when it comes to developing chemistry off the court. This in turn help improve the team’s overall performance in the next few games.

Even students today are able to take advantage of team building activities training them for the future. In UK, Students train with firefighters from Braintree Fire Station to develop team-building skills. Teenagers from schools across the district, aged between 14 and 17, were given the opportunity to learn skills that can be applied in different ways throughout their lives, as part of a Firebreak course.

Team building is indeed handy but it is important for companies to keep them under control. Team bonding pursuits that are unregulated can cause accidents and commotions that you don’t want to experience. For example, A Football club’s Christmas bonding getaway ended in a row with one player needing 15 stitches to his face. Shrewsbury Town’s Jim O’Brien, 29, needed treatment after allegedly coming to blows with team-mate Sylvan Ebanks-Blake, 30, in Dublin. Not only does this incident affect the overall health and morale of the team but also produces negative feedback from the press and the community.

In some cases, employees themselves take the necessary measures in getting to know their colleagues by going to a local pub. However, many are curious to ask if it is a good idea to go to the pub with colleagues? Research shows that workplace friendships are good for stress levels and productivity. However as mentioned earlier, if possible keep team bonding in a controlled environment while also reduce or refrain from consuming too much alcohol to avoid having problems. Perhaps a lunch break with dining tables Sydney with your fellow employees as you ask them how their day is going.

Common Sporting Injuries & Treatments

Playing sports, either for fun or competitively, presents certain health benefits. However, one cannot avoid the fact that he/she will have a sports injury while playing. As the name implies, sports injuries are injuries acquired while playing a sport or during training. These can be because of accidents, shoddy sporting technique, or improper use of sporting or training equipment.

There are literally hundreds of sporting injuries. This being said, some parts of our body are more susceptible to injuries or damages compared with others. Here is a list of the most common sporting injuries & treatments on how you can recover from a sporting injury.

Common Sporting Injuries & Treatments

  • Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis results from an overuse of our Achilles tendon, which is the tendon on the rear side of our ankles. Usually, a person with such condition suffers from pain and inflammation. If Achilles tendinitis is not addressed immediately, it will become a chronic condition. As a result, the person may not be able to run anymore.

Achilles tendinitis is common among athletes who frequently run or jump. This can be avoided by doing stretching or strengthening exercises for the calf muscles. Through an anti-inflammatory medication called RICE, one can overcome acute Achilles tendinitis. RICE pertains to Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Medical experts also advise athletes to strengthen their calf muscles and take a rest from the sport until the injured tendon is wholly healed.

  • Strains and Sprains

Strains and sprains are the most typical sporting injuries. A teared or overstretched ligament leads to sprain. This injury usually occurs in our knees, ankles and wrists. On the other hand, a strain is caused by overstretched fibers in a muscle or tendon. There are different types of pulled muscle and strain injuries, depending on the affected body parts. This being said, the most common treatment for these conditions is applying a cold compress to the painful area. It is also suggested to take a rest until the pain or swelling abates.

  • Tennis Elbow

An overused muscle and tendon in the forearm and elbow areas can cause tennis elbow. This is common among tennis and squash players, or to any athletes who swing their elbows when playing a sport. Treating tennis elbow involves injection of cortisone to relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. Doing exercises that are focused on strengthening the forearms will address the stresses around the forearm tendon.

Other types of sports injuries can be remedied through surgeries, rehabilitation and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Moreover, therapies such as electrostimulation, cryotherapy, chiropractic treatment and ultrasound are known to help in the treatment of different sports injuries.

Is Sports Betting Damaging the Australian Identity?

The sports betting industry in the country is a very profitable market. As a matter of fact, The Conversation reported that Australia has the “biggest losses gambling per capita” in the world. Because of this, sports betting companies are head to head for the market share. Data shows that the expenses for sports gambling advertisements grew by 20 percent last year.

Gambling and Sports

The link between sports and gambling existed centuries ago. However, an article from BBC reckoned that this relationship is slowly going down the toilet. The culprit? The surge in illegal sports betting.

There are growing concerns and disquietitudes on the influence of the industry to the sport itself. For instance, there are several allegations surrounding some sports regarding match-fixing. Syndicates coax players, sports teams or officials to throw off a match in favor of another player or team, in return of huge sums of money. Bookmakers, with an upper hand knowledge about this, can control the game’s odds that will yield the greatest profit. If a person already knows the outcome of the game, the sport loses its spirit, not to mention that it is illegal.

Just this June, an investigation started on the alleged match-fixing in the Australian Rugby League. According to the New South Wales Organized Crime Squad, the probe focused on two Premiership games last year.

There are also concerns on the reach of sports gambling to children. During the recent AFL championship, there were an average of 59 sports gambling advertisements in the entire match. On the general premise, gambling and advertising are both legal. But if you mix into the equation the children, it is a different matter.

Sporting events on TV nowadays are usually impregnated with lots of sports gambling ads. Because of this, kids fraternize gambling with sport, and that sports betting is an important part of every game. Instead of yakking about their favorite team or sports, children are now babbling on winning odds relating to gambling.

In an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, due to sports betting, gambling regulators are “slowly being consumed by the very industry they are meant to regulate.” This is in connection with their deplorable response to match-fixing and illegal sports betting.

But despite all these negative associations with sports betting, the Australian betting culture actually increases the enthusiasm to the sport. This is according to a study published in the Journal of Business Research. Moreover, sports betting serves as a significant medium in displaying rivalry and loyalty towards a team.

Sports Injuries – Best Ways for Treatment

May you be an amateur athlete or a professional one, sports injuries cannot and will not be avoided even how careful you are in the sport. There will certainly be times that you will be lucky in avoiding injuries, and there will be times that you will be not. And in times like these, you would probably need the services of a sports massage therapist. Yes, as the name says, sports massage is a service specifically for athletes who would either be needing massage for conditioning of body parts or for treatment of sports injuries one has acquired while active.

Now for a more detailed look on sports massage therapy, here are some of the particulars on this type of physical therapy as some might confuse sports massage with other types of therapeutic services out there. This therapy would most likely provide the following to you, which includes but is not limited to muscle and joint conditioning to reduce and eliminate pain, restoration of proper range of motion and also provides you knowledge about proper range of motion techniques and some useful stretching exercises, toning of the muscles and joints, and management of soft tissues which includes the joints, the muscles, and the ligaments for restoration.

sports massageBefore anything else, these physiotherapists would take into consideration the possible causes of the said injury or discomfort as reported by the patient before they do any type of intervention or therapy. Of course, they might be doing the wrong thing to the wrong parts and thus might cause greater harm than good to the body part. Literally, they might be rubbing it the wrong way. With the help of the patient, they (the therapist and the patient) first try to pinpoint the areas of discomfort and, from there, figure out what type of techniques to use in order to remedy the problem.

Once pain is located, that is when they start to do the therapy in hopes to relieve the patient of the discomfort. If ever there is an existing sporting event or ongoing practice, there would be no problem for scheduling the therapy sessions. In fact, while undergoing the sports massage therapy sessions (along with regular muscle toning and strengthening exercises), the patient could even perform well above his regular limits being regularly warmed up in the process. This could be very well implemented more effectively if the patient and the therapist would have a good relationship during the sessions.

One important thing to give them is your undivided attention and dedication to the sessions in order for it to be effective and quick; giving convenience to both your parties. Hopefully, now you know where to go whenever your body acts up or gets injured that would hinder your ability to perform in sporting events or practices. But remember, it would be much better if you would have these therapy sessions regularly in order to always have your body in good condition that might improve your resistance against sickness and sports injuries. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

How Australia and The Rest of The Countries Preparing for The Rugby Championship

If you’re an Aussie and a big FAN of RUGBY then you are very curious on how our team in the league have been doing. So let’s hear it how the Aussie team have been preparing for what they called “The Rugby Championship”.

Reasons for optimism

Coach Michael Cheika can now focus fully on his Wallabies commitments after handing the Waratahs reins over to Daryl Gibson.

His 2014 Super Rugby triumph proved Cheika is a coach capable of winning major trophies and after being thrown in the deep end for last year’s northern hemisphere tour, will now be far better prepared for Test rugby.

He has plenty of selection options at his disposal, after the Waratahs and Brumbies both qualified for the Super Rugby semi-finals, and his first-choice captain, Stephen Moore, is back on board to lead The Rugby Championship charge.

Reasons for concern

The Waratahs and Brumbies were both blitzed by Kiwi opposition in the semi-finals, with the Highlanders and Hurricanes putting on masterclasses of power and pace.

Of particular concern was the poor performance of NSW halves Nick Phipps and Bernard Foley, who were shaky at best up against Aaron Smith and Lima Sopoaga.

That has reopened the door for Reds duo Will Genia and Quade Cooper to state their Test cases, and Cheika can only call upon a handful of players of true world class ability.

Lock is a particular area of concern and, with a condensed Rugby Championship schedule in Rugby World Cup year, Cheika must nail his selection hunches.

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